When will I receive my order?

Our delivery window is 5pm-8pm. We cannot guarantee exact delivery times. If no one will be home to accept the delivery during those hours, please instruct us on where you would like your order placed. We also encourage you to leave a cooler out so your order can remain as fresh as possible. At your request we can text or email you with a delivery notification.

What happens if there is severe weather?

We will try as best as possible to get your food delivered to you.  In case of inclement weather we may contact you to either reschedule your delivery or give you a credit, whichever you prefer.


I have dietary restrictions. Can you accommodate me?

Please notify us of any restrictions or allergies you may have. We will try as best as possible to modify menu items to fit your needs but in some cases this may not be possible.

Are you 100% organic?

We use organic ingredients whenever possible. In some situations it may be impossible for us to source organic ingredients due to market availability, seasonality of ingredients, or quality. I believe in being honest and transparent about this. During the local growing season, we often purchase directly from local small-scale growers who grow organically but are not necessarily certified organic. I speak directly with these growers and see first-hand how they are growing their crops.


Do you use GMOs?

We avoid using GMOs whenever possible. USDA Organic ingredients do not contain GMOs.


Can I return my empty bottles to you?

YES, just leave your empty bottles outside and our delivery driver will pick them up upon your next delivery!


Will I lose weight eating your food?

We are not a weight-loss program.  Everyone's nutritional needs are different. Some people may lose weight eating our food, some may not. We do not make any promises. If your goal is to be a healthier person, our food can certainly play a part.  We recommend you work with a registered dietitian to determine which of our foods can be a part of your dietary needs or help you achieve whatever goals you may have.

Where do you make your food? And who Makes it?

All of our food is made by me (Chef/Owner Michael Schoudel) and my dedicated staff from our fully Health Department inspected and permitted commercial kitchen in Glen Cove, NY. We are a fully licensed and insured business. 

Did you know "_____" causes/cures cancer? Why do you/don't you use it? 
We make decisions based on actual science and current medical thought. We will never make any unscientific claims, or purport to cure or prevent anything. We sell healthy food, that's it!

How long does your food last?
All of our food is made fresh, please enjoy our food and juices within 3 days. We deliver 5 days a week with no minimum order, so you can order multiple times per week and have the freshest food possible.

Do you deliver to Suffolk County or Queens?

We currently only deliver to western Suffolk.  We are a small group of dedicated individuals who take pride in the foods we prepare and how we prepare them.  As our business grows we intend to expand our service farther into Suffolk county and Queens as well.

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