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How do I place an order?

It's easy, click on "Place an Order"


When do you deliver?

We currently deliver: Sun-Tue. From 5pm-8pm.


What time will I receive my order?

Local Stops 0-5 Miles from Glen Cove: ~5pm-6:30pm

Stops 5+ Miles from Glen Cove: ~6:30pm-8pm.

Please note: These times are APPROXIMATE. We do NOT guarantee delivery times. All stops are made in geographic order.

Can you deliver at “___” o'clock?

We do not allow exact delivery times. Please see above.

Our website will force you to pick 5pm as a delivery time. Please note that this is for our internal purposes only and allows us to establish a cutoff time for that day's orders. Delivery STARTS at 5pm, and you will receive your order within the window as outlined above.


What if I’m not home when you deliver?

If your order was prepaid then we will leave your order. If no one will be home within a reasonable amount of time to receive your order then we recommend leaving a cooler out for us so that your food will remain as fresh as possible. You can also leave us special delivery instructions when placing an order.


Where do you deliver?

We deliver throughout most of Nassau County and Western Suffolk. If you are unsure if we deliver to your area simply contact us.


Is there a minimum order?

Nope! Order as much or as little as you like. 


What payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards or exact cash payments upon delivery. Delivery drivers do not carry cash to make change. If you would like us to set up a house account for you to speed up ordering, please contact us. We do NOT accept personal checks. 


I’m trying to place an order and it won’t let me! What am I doing wrong?

First check that the day and time you have selected is in our delivery window. If you are attempting to order for same-day delivery check to make sure you haven’t passed our 10am cutoff time. If you are still having issues then please call us and we can either walk you through the process or take your order over the phone.

Is my Credit Card number safe?

Yes. All credit card transactions are encrypted. We do not have access to your credit card number. 


Can I pick up my food?

No. We are exclusively a delivery service, we come to you!

You can also visit us at various Farmers' Markets if you prefer to buy in person.


Why can’t I pick up my food?

We tried offering pick up and it didn’t go well. Customers either didn’t show up, showed up early, showed up late, or showed up on the wrong day. Let us handle getting the food to you, trust me it’s better for everyone!


What happens if there is severe weather?

In case of inclement weather we will try as best as possible to get your food to you. If we deem it unsafe to travel then we will contact you to either reschedule your delivery or issue you a credit, whichever you prefer.

How large are the portions/How many people do items feed?

Entrées, wraps, tacos, salads, juices, grab-and-go items, and small soups are portioned for one person. Large soups, granola, and large side salads can feed multiple people. Our salads are on the large side (32oz) and can serve as a meal themselves.


Who makes my food?

All of our food is prepared by our Chef/Owner and our small but very dedicated staff.


Where is my food made?

All of our food is prepared at our Health Department Inspected and Permitted Commercial Kitchen in Glen Cove, NY.


I have dietary restrictions, can you accommodate me?

Please notify us of any dietary restrictions or allergies you may have PRIOR to placing an order. We will try as best as possible to modify menu items to fit your needs but in some cases this may not be possible. Our Gluten-Free items are made with Gluten-Free ingredients, and not certified Gluten-Free. Be advised that all items are processed in a facility that contains potential allergens such as nuts, and gluten. 


Can you omit certain ingredients for me?

While some menu items can be modified, certain menu items can NOT. We can omit SOME raw ingredients from salads, tacos, and wraps. However, cooked items generally can NOT be modified. Again, please check with us PRIOR to placing your order if you are uncertain or it is not self-evident. Please remember that we are NOT a personal chef service and we cook for other people as well.


Can you make my items without salt?

We try to keep salt as light as possible. Since we make items in batches for multiple orders at a time we cannot remove salt entirely.


How many calories are in your foods?

We have begun the process of posting calorie content for some of our most popular items. Since we change our menu regularly it is difficult to post the calorie content for every item. Please be patient. In general, a whole-food plant-based diet tends to be lower in calories. We can only provide estimates for other items at the moment.


Will I lose weight eating your food?

We are not a weight-loss program.  Everyone's nutritional needs are different. Some people may lose weight eating our food, some may not. We do not make any promises. If your goal is to be a healthier person, our food can certainly play a part.  We recommend you work with a registered dietitian to determine which of our foods can be a part of your dietary needs or help you achieve whatever goals you may have.


Can I have extra this and extra that?

While we don’t mind being a little generous from time to time, please don’t take advantage of this. Please be mindful when making special requests or ask us first.


What types of Sweeteners do you use?

We use Maple Syrup, Palm Sugar, Light Agave Nectar, and Homemade Date Paste.


Are you 100% Organic?

We use organic ingredients whenever possible. 


Do you use GMOs?

We avoid using GMOs whenever possible. 

How long does your food last?

All of our food is made fresh, please enjoy our food and juices within 3 days. We deliver 5 days a week with no minimum order, so you can order multiple times per week and have the freshest food possible. It is your responsibility to store our food under an appropriate temperature and condition upon receiving your order. 


How do I heat my food?

If you would like to heat your entrées we recommend removing the lid prior to heating in a microwave, or if you prefer you can remove your food from it’s container and reheat via an oven or stove top. Soups and chilis can be reheated with their lids on. Please note: not all items require reheating. If you are unsure if an item should be reheated please contact us. Salads should NOT be heated.


Can I return my empty bottles to you?

YES, just leave your empty bottles outside and our delivery driver will pick them up upon your next delivery!


I signed up for your emails but I stopped receiving them.

Check to see if our email ended up in your spam or junk folder. This happens from time to time. If it did, simply move our email to your inbox and add us as a contact to always receive our emails in your inbox.

Why am I receiving your emails?

There are only 3 reasons you would be receiving an email from us: either you gave us your email at a Farmer's Market, you placed an order with us, or you signed yourself up through our website. We keep emails to an absolute minimum, and we do not share your info with anyone. If you would like to stop receiving emails, simply click on unsubscribe.

Who sees my email address?

No one. Our email list is a private list. We do not share your information with anyone.


Did you know “___” causes/cures cancer? Why do you/don't you use it?

We make decisions based on actual science and current medical thought. We will never make any unscientific claims, or purport to cure or prevent anything. We sell healthy Plant-Based Food, that's it!

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